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Civil Rights is our name. We are the foremost Civil Rights Advocacy Group in the world. We protect the Civil Rights of ALL PEOPLE of ALL HERITAGES. Whether you are European, African, Chinese, Japanese, or mixed race, we support your right to live in peace. We support your right to your own nation, your own separate living space, your own destiny, and your ethnic privacy.

We Are the Indigenous People of the World. We Only Ask For Our Civil Rights. Keep Us Secure, Separate, and Safe from Other Cultures & Races.

United States Civil Rights

European Americans

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Please Help Us, Friends. Immigration Will Destroy Us. Respect Our Civil Rights to Be Ourselves. We Need Private Space to Survive.

Respect for the Civil Rights of Everyone

The answer to life's mysteries is civil rights.

What is civil rights? Is it integration? Immigration? Miscegenation? No.

Civil rights is the opposite of these social poisons. Civil rights is the right of a society to keep itself pristine. Civil rights is the right to remain totally clean and totally exclusive of all other people than one's own.

All other social "experimentation" is a deviate form of social behavior which is unnatural and which opposes the rhythm of nature. Such vile ways of assembling people together who naturally repel each other will always lead societies (people) into degeneracy, chaos, and destruction.

Destruction of Civil Rights by Central Governments

In almost every case, where the civil rights of nations are violated, a large central government is responsible. It takes a large central government to accrue the brute power necessary to overpower the will of the majority and to use that power to destroy it.

The government accomplishes this destruction of its society at large by using the propaganda of its media and through legislation which mandates that people in the nation tolerate the poison of its painful introduction of foreign cultures into the mass of people. This incursion is actually a foreign invasion against which government was originally formed in order to protect its people from the pain that foreign nations and strangers can impart to them by simply being present. Instead of the government protecting the people from this injustice, it becomes the operative evil force which accomplishes it.

These powerful central governments are necessary to enforce the unnaturalness of diversity. Without such a government, one that is so big that no one can begin to confront its evil, diversity cannot raise its ugly shaking head, nor raise its cultural sword against the people's heritage so as to destroy it and lay it down in ruins. The government not only imports these foreigners to destroy its people, but designs new evil societal rules that oppress the people further, especially those who see the danger and who seek to maintain their natural cultural bias which has aided them in achieving and preserving their high cultural greatness for thousands of years. The government produces these new rules to overcome their objections. They are promulgated in order to rip to shreds the cultural cohesion that once kept them together as a societal union. Now, instead of togetherness, these societies are kept in a socially despicable state in an artifice of unity of "divisiveness." They are artificially married into a knot of various separatenesses, as the unfortunate people, now artificially herded together by federal laws into an unnatural union filled with hatreds, despite their natural need to repel themselves, to form separate societies. Instead, they are bottled up in this new unnatural state of hatreds.

What the central government confirms in this state of affairs is its own deadly and fearful power to grossly expand, to overgrow its normal state of ferocity. Like a snake molting and discarding its skin as it grows larger, the government casts off its constitutional constraints amid the pain and chaos of diversity. In so doing, the central government abandons all fealty to the people, destroying their lives, in order to overpower them which was its plan in the beginning when immigration was begun as its plan to destroy society and the people within its realm and to establish its disgusting absolutism over them.

The government in the midst of an artificially inflicted diversity crisis always becomes a monster which utilizes the lies of diversity to ensure the chaos that always leads to its cancerous and anti-populist growth. The government, fired by full blown diversity chaos, now argues that it must take away the civil rights all of the people "equally" in order to "insure" their civil rights. These governments artfully and psychopathically misuse a reversed civil rights terminology in order to accomplish the solidification of absolutist rule over the geographical area over which it has implanted this social chaos and pain.

The large central governments that have so engineered the painful destruction of their societies to insure their absolutist rule over their unfortunate people include many nations in Western Europe, as well as the United States of America, Canada, South America, Indonesia, the Central Congo, Rwanda, India, and other areas where multicultural chaos is the mainstay of exponential central governmental growth during the civil rights destruction of their once united people whom they have systematically destroyed under the onslaught of their propaganda.

Problems in Modern Societies

Several geographical areas around the world have become victim to what is known as the New World Order's inhumane experiment into "human diversity."

In these "multi-cultural" victim geographical areas, people from all races and walks of life have lost their exclusivity of race, culture, and historical proportion. Despair and feelings of unease are rampant. Mental illnesses including depression, bi-polar syndromes, and dementia during old age have become rampant, all of it fueled by the corruption of the innocent minds of the people who have been forced by large central governments and the elite theorists who run them to endure this travesty of their racial, religious, and cultural civil rights to be left alone with their own kind and no else which is the natural right of man predating all governments.

Every people in the world have the civil right to be alone among their own people, to be secure among them, and to be alone with them both exclusively and without invasion by strange persons whose presence is an insidious poison to them and their kind.

The distortions and ripples of diversity retard the very necessary development among these destroyed and mangled cultures of rational manners of thinking, including the inability of their victims inside those ruined societies to cope, to love, to think, to plan, to reproduce, to work, and to find any satisfaction from their various existences. So many trade-offs occur during a life-time of social destruction amid that poisonous multi-racial landscape that lives which would have been beautiful, become ugly and despicable remnants of what they might otherwise have been.

Listen to the People of the World Begging for their Civil Rights

United States Civil Rights

European Americans

We are from the USA. We are white Europeans. Some of us resemble the husband and wife this canvas named "American Gothic" which was painted by Grant Wood in 1930 and hangs in the galleries of The Art Institute of Chicago.

As United States citizens we want what everyone else in the world wants. We want to be left alone as a people. We want only to prosper without being contaminated by non-European cultures as is presently being forced upon us against our collective wishes. It is our civil right to be left alone, so that our people can reproduce only the true European seed lines of our people. To achieve this, we ask Civil Rights to help us to establish secure living areas. In such reproductive sanctuaries, no other races or ethnicities will ever again bother or attempt to dominate us. Better yet, we as a European people will promise never again to bother or dominate other races.

In addition, we pledge as members of Civil Rights to see to it that our government in Washington D.C. cease trying to control the lives of other races and ethnicities around the world as it is presently attempting to accomplish through massive and ineffective military adventures. We know that such conduct is a crime against civil rights and must end now.

We want the New World Order elitists who have corrupted our once-proud European Republic to end their racial warfare against the people of the United States and against all other nations by using our boys and girls as their military cannon fodder, which they have done by corrupting our government leaders with vast sums of corruption money, so that we no longer have representation in the Halls of Congress. Instead, Congress is in the sole corner of our natural enemies.

The real European Americans who are the relatives of the Founding Fathers of the United States want total, peaceful, legal, and immediate separation from all other non-European races. We simple want to be left alone by them and to leave them alone also.

Won't you help us by joining Civil Rights? By joining Civil Rights, you pledge to do your best to end the gross hold of immigration, immigration, and miscegenation which is now plaguing our once proud people. Integration has caused all races of mankind extensive harm.

If the invasion of other cultures into the United States is not ended immediately, we will soon be exterminated as a people in our own nation. Such a bleak future for Europeans is one of the greatest possible evils imaginable. In fact, it would be genocide of European Americans on a grand scale. While it is being done, the other races in this nation will also disappear from the face of the earth, for they, too, will be racially ended through that same miscegenation which is race mixing and which produces total racial disrespect and annihilation.

That is why we, as European Americans, join Civil Rights, and we now stand with all other races within our nation and around the world in providing secure and totally separate racial sanctuaries for each ethnic group in the world. We seek exclusive racial sanctuaries such as the United States was before 1964, so that our wonderful and innocent people can again live in racial harmony without having to face the racial and civil rights harassments which unwanted tribes have forced upon us.

In this way all of us will benefit and each tribe of persons in the world will benefit to a tremendous degree.

We promise the other races and religions in our region that they, too, will have their own private sanctuaries where they can seek their racial, religious, and other ethnic privacy. Through treaties with them, we will bond with our brothers of other races to secure their place to live without the harassment of other cultures including our own which has been wrong in attempting to control the lives of so many nations. This was wrong, and we promise to stop it once and for all.

In this way, true civil rights will be expressed for all tribes, religions, and ethnic groups. Please help our USA citizens who are members of Civil Rights in reaching this loftiest of all goals for our people and for all other people of this world, the goal of cultural, racial, and ethnic separation so that real civil rights can blossom in each civil rights sanctuary. Only then will the world be safe from constant hate, for only when integration (or the presence of other races) is absent will racial and cultural hate ever be ended. These new and secure racially pure nations and sanctuaries are the sure and sole successful means by which real respect for all races will be finally and effectively attained, because only through these secure racial borders will peace between all races be reached.

Zimbabwe Civil Rights


Help me. I am a Zimbabwe citizen. I have a culture. I have land. I have few needs. Westerners have consistently invaded my nation and enforced my people to follow their strange ways. You may not agree that my culture is any good. You may think that my life is worth very little. However, this life is all that I have. I have family including many children. I have a husband who works very hard. My parents sacrificed to keep me alive and to make my life better during my own generation.

You can do things to make my life happier. You can ask other nations to stay out of my culture. I will not send my culture to you, if you will do the same for me. Together, we can make sure that both of our people are safe from the vileness that diversity has added to our nations, bringing them down into ruin and despair. Won't you help me and my people. It is my civil right to live alone without any interference.

Many of my people are members of Civil Rights. I have little to pledge. Please do you your part by signing the pledge for Civil Rights, and becoming a paid member.